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Hey all. Long time no update on the site. Sorry, we’ve been super busy and I guess that’s a good thing. The shop is still running along nicely as we continue to do upgrades and make some changes around the place.

We wanted to share with you a special website that our friend just got going – his name is DJ and he asked if we would share with all our customers, friends and family his new project he just started. It’s called Digit List and he is going to be reviewing some of the top products in the online space. He’s really into things like photography, technology and a bunch of other types of tech, so I’d bet he has some good stuff coming out that deals with that.

Be sure to check out his personal pages on social media as well since he will be releasing some very special guides to anybody who follows him on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and a few others that he has signed up for. The guy is super talented and has a knack for reviewing great products, putting together guides and shooting them out to the interwebs so that others can benefit and make informative buying decisions.

The funny thing is that he actually used to work here at SZAB. For a time, he handled some of our websites and even had a small roll in the photography around the shop. Great guy, easy to get along with and is super talented. When he reached out to us we knew that we had to give him a quick shout out and let you all know. If you’ve got any questions or want to know how to get in contact with him directly, feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact us via our contact page.

We’ve got some really cool updates coming your way, so if you hang tight while we get them ready you’re going to be quite surprised. We may even feature some more of our “go-getter” friends and let them attract some more visitors to their new web sites. I have a lot of friends who blow me away with their creativity and how they approach things.

Anyways, if you want to check out DJ and what he has to offer, head over to DigitList.com and start searching around, or you can check out a video he just released right here:

Thanks and we’ll update you guys again very soon!

The SZAB Team

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