Tree Cleanup Around The Shop

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how messy it was around the shop from all these palm trees. We just had our whole area landscaped, but the trees were looking a little shaggy. We found a company who offers tree service in Modesto Ca and they were able to help us out by cleaning everything up! All I had to do was show them the photo below (what I wanted) and they made it happen:

palm tree trimming before and after

It looks amazing now that we’ve got those palm trees all pruned. We had a few small trees around the smog shop that were blocking part of the garage, so we had them take out those as well.

The smog shop is finally coming along and looking the way I intended it to look. We had a palm tree that looked as if it was dying and we were worried about it falling over and hitting the shop, so we used them to remove it. From pruning to palm tree removal to then grinding the stump down and hauling it away – they handled it all!

Thanks to Modesto Tree Services for helping us out on this project and we look forward to doing business with them again the next time our trees need a little pruning.

Sorry for the short post today, but the shop has been busy and I haven’t had much time to hop on and share the progress with you all. More exciting news is coming soon as we keep overhauling the SZAB Smog Shop!

Stay tuned for more info soon!

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