New Facility And Old Pest Problems

So over at SZAB Smog we had some problems going on that we’ve finally fixed. While we just moved into our new facility (new to us, anyway), it looks like the pest problems that existed with the business before never were taken care of! I’m talking ants, spiders and roaches all over the dang place! Yikes!

So what did we do? Well, we needed to find some type of pest control in Modesto CA and have them work with us on how best to get rid of all these little guys! And oh boy was that a job!

Luckily we found a company called DR Pest Control (also known as Modesto Pest Control) who we were able to come in and totally eliminate the problem. Truly, a god-send from above! These guys came in and rocked it because I have not seen an ant, spider or any other kind of bug in the garage or office for a few weeks now. And if you saw how many were running around before, you’d know that is HUGE for us!

Their process was simple and straight to the point. We didn’t have to figure out all the pest control jargon to know what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. They laid it all out in simple terms, showed us what they were going to use and then went about doing the job right away!

Again, we can’t say enough about the local businesses operating in the area. It’s so refreshing to see companies like this who know how to handle the job. We did call a pest control company before (at our old facility) and they were a nightmare to work with, so you can imagine the relief I had when DR Pest Control came and pretty much eliminated the problem with ease!

Thanks again guys! And to everyone reading – get READY! We have some updates coming around the property that are going to give it a whole new look.

My next post I’ll be telling you guys about the tree service company who came out to get some of the trees around our smog shop under control. If any of you have been around the smog shop lately then you know how ridiculous and out of control those palm trees were getting!

Until next time! Kent from SZAB..out!

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