Thanks To An Awesome Moving Company, We Have Moved!

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Okay guys – we’ve finished moving thanks to some awesome Modesto movers in the area! In case you are wondering, you saw in our last post that we mentioned one of our older locations got a complete landscaping re-vamp.

Well, we’ve officially moved another (yes, another) location to another area in Modesto. While it’s not far from where it was, it’s going to let us service more and more vehicles around the area. Instead of being confined to a small shop, we’re actually renting out two adjacent shops and going full speed ahead!

Thanks again to the guys over at Pro Movers Modesto for making our move seamless and quick. It’s so awesome to have relationships with other local businesses in the area who make our jobs super easy. If any of you are out there looking for moving companies in Modesto (or anywhere – these guys will do it all) then be sure to contact them and let them know the guys over at SZAB Smog sent ya’!

The cool thing is that they don’t just offer residential moving services, but are quite experienced in moving businesses and all their materials anywhere they need to go! That was one of the main issues we were finding when contacting a lot of these moving companies – they wanted to do the job, but lacked the experience, motivation and know-how to get it done properly, despite even being BBB accredited (linked you guys in case you’re not sure what the BBB is!) . Thankfully we found some amazing movers and got the job done quickly!

Be sure to check us out in our new location on the east side! We look forward to doing business with all of you very soon!

Here’s a quick video by Pro Movers Modesto…remember to give them a call today and tell them Kent from SZAB sent ya! 


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