How Does The Smog Process Work?

The Modesto Smog Program & Process


The Program

California requires that any vehicle produced after 1976 have a mandatory smog check done every 2 years. The main goal of the program is to ensure that any vehicle that is not passing with satisfactory standards gets repaired in order to reduce the impact of excessive emissions on the environment. The exception to this law is any vehicle which is considered hybrid, electric, or diesel and manufactured before 1998. Gas powered vehicles, trailers and motorcycles 1975 or older are also exempt. Though these vehicles may be exempt, individuals who own these vehicles are still required to make sure their emissions systems are always functioning properly.

The Process

DMV will send a renewal notice and inside it will explain whether a smog check is necessary. If a smog check is required, the vehicle’s owner must satisfy the request within a 90 day time frame. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle’s registration not being able to be renewed. If the requested vehicle fails the smog check and the required repairs are more than the value of the vehicle, the state may buy back the vehicle and have it scrapped.

What Is A Star Certified Smog Station?

We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and with increasing California and Modesto smog check requirements – we choose to be certified by a program that the Bureau of Automotive Repair put into place in 2013. As a Star Station, we are held to a high standard of performance that the BAR has set for our facility.

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